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New Barcelona 2010/2011

By admin / May 21, 2010 / Featured, Headline, Spain LaLiga 243

FC Barcelona new kits for 2010-2011 Barcelona kits seasonUsually that Nike has been working in recent years have been really awful, especially the away kits. I remember that horrible beige kit, the turquoise waters of bad taste or the god-awful yellow radioactive sample, but at least the home kits are stylish, elegant and traditional, even when the Portland, Oregon clothing giant Sports flirted with half the panels in one year or adjust the width of the stripes, but this year., biting everything very much.

New Barcelona 2010/2011

6 thoughts on “New Barcelona 2010/2011”

  1. Hey dudes, when will the store open again? I’ve been trying to buy some Shirts during almost a month but I haven’t been able to. I hope all your troubles are already solved so we can use your services again. Thanks for your attention.

  2. Good, already have you these vests?
    Podrias to say price with expenses and if ban complete with all the patches?


  3. jejeje, vaya ingles teneis chavales!!!
    Si esta página os falla, en 15 días conozco una página que tendrá las nuevas de barça y madrid, yo, por desgracia hice un pedido el mes pasado, que me ha llegado hace unos días, con las equipaciones 2009/10, justo ahora van y las cambian…que pu..dilla.
    Por cierto, que las equipaciones que me llegaron son réplicas por lo que me han costado, por que si no, diría que son originales…a saber lo que nos meten en las tiendas de deportes…

    Regards and see you soon chavales!!!

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